Things to do


Dehiwala Zoological Gardens is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Asia founded in 1936. The entire zoo covers an area of 10.1 ha / 0.10 km², with well landscaped gardens and foliage to provide a more natural habitats to its animals. The Zoo is only 10 minute drive away from the apartments.
It’s a home to a wide variety of animals and birds that can be found around the world. All the animals are spread out in a number of houses.
•    The Reptile House - The Reptile House of Colombo Dehiwala Zoo has a collection of crocodiles, tortoises, snakes and oth- er reptiles.
•    The Mini Medura - The Mini Medura has a display of more than 500 varieties of fish and is considered as one of a kind in Asia. 
•    The Nocturnal House - This house contains the nocturnal birds and animals like owls, bats, rodents, and lemurs.
The highlight of the zoo is the elephant circus which takes place daily at 5.15 p.m. with extra shows on Sunday and holidays at 3.15 p.m.

Attidiya Bird Sanctuary

Attidiya Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful marshland located around just 5 minutes drive away from our apartments. The wet land is rich with natural biodiversity and is a resting place for many types of birds.
The vegetation of this wetland is dominated by sedge and grasses including Rhyuchospora rubra and Panicum repens. Around 43 species of waterfowls live in the area. Most common among them are Indian Shag (Phalaerocorox fuscicollis), the Blue breasted Banded Rail ( Rallus striatus) etc. If you are an enthusiastic bird watcher or an eco friendly person, then it is worthwhile to spend sometime in the Attidiya bird sanctuary during your stay with us which is only 10minute walk away.

Weras ganga park

The Weras Ganga park is a cool outdoor food-court in Bellanwila, it’s one of many affordable hangout spots popping up in Colombo lately. There are over 12 food-court stalls. For rice and curry, you get south Indian at FoodWaves, north Indian at Lemongrass, Chinese & Thai at Wok Express, seafood at ASB Foods, Sri Lankan at Rovinka, Hot Cabin and Dunhinda, and also, pizza at Roma Pizzeria, short-eats at Testa Bakehouse, juices and smoothies at Orgo Fruits, an Elephant House ice cream stand and even a Candy Corner.The establishment is also known as the Weras Ganga or Bellanwila park. The Weras Ganga park with its super view and affordable food options, is a neat spot to relax at in the evening, and maybe have dinner or go cycling with friends and only 5minute drive from our apartments.

Bellanwilla Temple

Miraculous and Marvelous temple referred to as the Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya recides in close proximity to our apartment complex. This temple with a heritage of glorious history, stands out as one of the most historic and significant temples among the many temples in the island today. Situated on the Dehiwela-Maharagama road about two kilometres away from the Colombo-Galle highway can be visited through-out the week, and is only a 10 minute drive from our apartments.

Mount Lavinia Beach

Mount Lavinia is a suburb located towards the south of Colombo and is famous for its "Golden Mile" of beach. This is one of the loveliest beach areas close to any metropolis in the world, and is a perfect place to relax and enjoy during your quick business trip to Colombo or during your visit to Sri Lanka.The mount beach is a shallow beach, loved by everybody who would like to lie in the sun, relax or take a dip when it gets too hot. There are also many restaurants on the beach where you can enjoy local or foreign dishes of your choice and listen to music and if you’re in a mood to party, you can always find a beach party during the weekends. It is indeed only 15 minute drive away from our apartments.